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Date: Dec 28th, 2015
Phone: 800-292-1855
Email: info@kyda.org

Downtown Fun. If You Dont Believe Us, Come See!

Yes! Do come and see us in Louisville March 3-6 for the 2016 Kentucky Meeting at the Kentucky International Convention Center and Hyatt Regency Hotel! We have a great meeting in store for you with some brand new features and events. There will something for everyone and we hope you will join us for all of the CE, business and fun!

Non-Members Can Attend for Only $199.00!
Non-Members can register for the 2016 Kentucky Meeting for $199.00. With this fee, attendees will receive one complimentary ticket to any ONE HOUR continuing education course presented in the exhibit hall on Friday, March 4th. This fee also allows entry into the exhibit hall.

Hotel Room Blocks
See https://www.kyda.org/the-kentucky-meeting.html for our Hotel Room Block information and please note that you MUST register online through the provided hotel links in order to get the room block discounts!

KDA Thursday Leadership Session for Members, Only
Kentucky dentists will face many difficult challenges in the next few years. This presentation is a hands-on opportunity for you to assess your strengths in key leadership competencies and provide you with information you need to lead. Increase your personal potential to affect change through a better understanding of the opportunities to exhibit courageous leadership.

KDA Members have expressed interest in receiving more professional development opportunities from the KDA. Your feedback from this session will provide additional support of our upcoming KDA Leadership Academy.

KDA Thursday Opening Session
Please come to our first-ever opening session, intended to set the tone for our convening of organized dentistry in and around the commonwealth. This brief, but important, session will be an opportunity to:
· Outline new features of our “Kentucky Class” annual meeting
· Recognize officers and special guests
· Summarize our achievements and outline our public policy agenda
· Understand the value of membership and the Power of Three

KDA Friday Breakout Sessions for Members, Only
This first-ever offering on topics important to organized dentistry, led by KDA board members, will offer quick and current updates to KDA members regarding the following topics.
· KDA Legislative Agenda & Workshop
· Component Workshop/Panel
· Medicaid Update
· Multi-Dentist Practice Panel

On Friday Night: The President’s Reception: A Homecoming Event for Students and New Graduates
This first-ever event is a celebration designed especially for students and new dentists to welcome them to the profession and organized dentistry. Beginning at 7 p.m., dance the night away with a DJ! It’s a great opportunity to spend time with friends, meet new ones, and find your home in organized dentistry through the KDA. Then, immediately after, join our “Off Cite After Party:” and mingle with your friends! Be looking for more information about these two events in future KDA emails!

New this year! Continuing education in the Exhibit Hall
Several courses will be presented in the Exhibit Hall. Seating is limited for these courses, so don’t miss out!

Calling All KDA Members
Is there a speaker on our program that you've wanted to meet?  We are looking for those members interested in meeting, greeting and introducing the wonderful speakers we have on our program. 

We offer any paid course at no charge for the person who introduces the speaker for that course. Some exceptions may apply. Call for details.

Duties include arriving early to the course to hand out information to the attendees.  Once the course is ready to begin, introduce the speaker. During the presentation, be available to attend to the needs of the speaker should any arise and enjoy the course.  At the end, provide the course code numbers for the attendees to obtain CE credit and collect the CE cards. These cards are then returned to the appropriate location in the convention center.

Call the KDA office as soon as possible to get the speaker of your choice.

Visit Our Exhibit Hall!
Support our exhibitors – they support your KDA! Stroll the exhibit hall and get some great deals! New, this year, we will have some very special guests. We’re not saying who, but Elvis might be in the building! Mr. Sparkle and some other folks might be visiting, as well! Come and join the fun!

William Marcus Randall Memorial Luncheon/Awards Presentation
Thursday, March 3, 2016
11:30 a.m.
Tickets: $40.00
Open To Everyone!
The William Marcus Randall Memorial Luncheon/Awards Presentation will be held on Thursday afternoon March 3rd.
The 50 Year Club Awards, Presidential Citation Awards and Fellowship Awards will be presented during this luncheon.

Alumni Receptions
The University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky will be hosting alumni receptions on Friday, March 4th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Louisville. This is a perfect time to catch up with fellow classmates.

University Of Louisville
6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

University Of Kentucky
6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Participate in Our Table Clinic & Hobby Show!
You are invited to participate in the annual Table Clinic and Hobby Show for the 2016 Kentucky Meeting to be held on Saturday, March 5, 2016 in the Kentucky International Convention Center. This event will be held in the rear of the Exhibit Hall.
The Kentucky Dental Association will offer three separate clinic areas. One area is reserved for clinical clinics and information, the second area is for hobbies and crafts only and the third is for research clinics. Let’s work together to make this the best year ever. There are cash awards for each area (clinical, hobby and research).

Take Advantage of Our Featured CE Courses…

Take Our Thursday Course and Learn What Every Dental Professional Needs to Know about TMD
This course will present a sound, straight forward approach to treating many masticatory pain problems. Emphasis will be placed on proper diagnosis, so that correct therapy can be selected for each patient. Principles used to locate the site and source of pain will be presented. The role of occlusion in TMD will be discussed in detail. Specific information will be provided for the management of the two most common types of temporomandibular disorders; masticatory muscle pain and intracapsular TMJ pain. All proceeds from this course will benefit the Kentucky Dental Foundation, which supports dental community health projects across Kentucky. Lunch is included and will begin at 11:30 a.m.

Special Offer, New This Year! Purchase a ticket to Dr. Jeffrey Okeson’s Thursday course and receive one complimentary ticket to any ONE HOUR continuing education course presented in the exhibit hall on Friday, March 4th.

Choose Your Free Combo:
TA1A – Dr. Jeffrey Okeson & Dr. William J. Moorhead - $200.00
TA1B – Dr. Jeffrey Okeson & Mr. Craig Pickett - $200.00
TA1C – Dr. Jeffrey Okeson & Dr. Mark Murphy - $200.00

Take Advantage of our Friday Offerings!
On Friday morning, Dr. Edwin T. Parks, who is currently a Professor of Diagnostic Sciences in the Department of Oral Pathology, Medicine and Radiology at Indiana University School of Dentistry, will help you improve your radiographs and ability to recognize errors in technique. Update and refresh! Doctors and staff, new and experienced, will benefit.

In addition, Dr. Mark Murphy, Principal of Funktional Tracker and Lead Faculty for Clinical Education at Microdental, will help you Incorporate Sleep Apnea into your Practice, from Getting Started to Medical Billing. This course will allow you to survey the current landscape of medical and dental treatments for sleep apnea and decide how and if you want to evolve into this life saving arena.

Dr. Robert Henry teaches about Hypertension and Hypotension:  Common Problems and Simple Solutions, along with Mr. Paul Bowen, who will help you navigate the crossroads of incorporating IV Sedation into your practice.

Meanwhile, Dr. William Moorhead looks at the best new digital dental products and gives you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Patty Byrd will present her 2016 OSHA course, while Dr. Michael DiTolla’s course on the modern restorative practice will focus on what dentists spend most of their time doing: one and two unit cases.

Angie Currans will teach your staff how to submit “Clean Insurance Claims” and what that can do for your practice.

Then, meet Dr. Jeremy Bewley, Dr. Brad Harmon & Mr. Steven London, Sr. Their mission is to remove the mystery of CAD/CAM integration by engaging dentists who are investigating the technology with a hands-on course that is guided by some of the most experienced and successful CAD/CAM users in the state of Kentucky.

Dr. Alex Fleury, who currently serves as Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Dentistry, working with Endodontic Residents, will present “Restorative Endodontics: A Modern Standard of Care for Long-Term Success”, a lecture and hands-on session.

On Friday afternoon, meet Dr. Bill Curtis. When patients are not CPAP friendly and an oral appliance does not work Dr. Curtis will present an alternative surgical solution. He will also discuss and present surgeries for the removal and reconstruction of oral cancer and other pathology of the head and neck. Dr. Curtis is known as the oral surgeon's surgeon!

Then, Drs. Ryan Clagett, Kate von Lackum, and Bill Morgan will give a fresh and honest opinion of their experiences with implants - treatment planning, saving the failing implant, a 30 year retrospective of the evolution of implants and much much more. Doctors and all staff members will benefit!
Jason Zib, with Officite, will present “SEO after Mobilegeddon: More Patients, Less Panic”. Google dropped the “mobilegeddon” bomb on April 21, and SEO companies everywhere took cover. Now that the smoke is starting to clear, dentists everywhere have one question - what does the future of my search engine ranking look like? The answer might surprise you!
Make Your Saturday Schedule a Productive One!
First, learn a “Better Debridement Protocol” with Dr. Tim Donley...Internationally recognized speaker Dr. Tim Donley will teach a technique that he uses in a new course he has developed on more effective debridement. Open to hygienists and dentists.

Then, spend some time with Dr. Mark Nation...Time management, allocation of resources and a viable treatment plan with implants will all come together in this course.

Create more from less with Drs. Carla Rodriguez and Brandon Stapleton. Their course will guide you on how to rebuild occlusion and improve esthetics with direct composite. An alternate technique with milled composites will also be presented. This course will be great for doctors and expanded duty assistants!

Dr. William Ken Rich & Dr. Jerry Caudill will help you navigate Medicaid in 2016. With the arrival of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion in Kentucky, navigating the Medicaid system has changed. Since January 2014 Kentucky has added over 400,000 additional members, most of which were adults.  This substantially changes the demographic mix and brings the current total to approximately 1.2 million.  Avsis, representing the four largest Kentucky MCO’s, administers the dental benefits of approximately 1 million of those members. The Department of Medicaid Services (DMS) has recently made significant changes to 907 KAR 1:026, the guidelines for the Kentucky dental Medicaid program. In addition, some provider fees have been increased, CDT codes have been added, deleted, or changed and some prior authorization requirements have been eliminated, relaxed and/or changed by several MCO’s. These changes are more far reaching than just how and what providers get paid.   There is also a new level of compliance and oversight that is required by the Federal government.   This course will chronicle these changes, how they affect your practice and the ways your MCO partners can help you to be successful in providing care to the Kentucky Medicaid population.
Mr. Jeffrey Sexton will present his “18th Annual Economic & Investment Outlook: Back to Basics”. After 18 years of presenting at the KDA Annual Meeting, it is now (sadly!) possible to look back at actual advice and recommendations and discussions of prior presentations and make critical assessments of what worked and what didn’t. That’s called experience. Jeffrey’s first presentation in the Nunn Room of the Galt House was packed, way back in 1997. The internet was just this new-fangled thing we were starting to hear about. No iPhones. No iPads. The company called Apple was just beginning to show signs of actually surviving instead of going bankrupt. Microsoft ruled the world. A google was still a mathematical number and nothing else. The Motorola flip phones were the hottest thing going. Laptops were still rather heavy and clunky. Gateway made the best one and this guy named Dell was also starting to sell a few.
If you ever attended one of Jeffrey’s sessions the past 18 years but fell away for whatever reason(s), we hope you will take this opportunity to come back. A few folks that have attended almost every year, but it would be great to see some old (and you are older now!) faces again. It might be a good time for a “back to basics” investing refresher course from someone that has endured the same battles you have over past 18 tumultuous years. You’ll leave armed and reassured.

Mr. David Beyer, Executive Director of the Kentucky Board of Dentistry, will educate you about the“New Board Rules for Continuing Education Gathering and Other Tidbits of Information”.

Then, Dr. Deepak Krishnan, an American Board certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and the Residency Program Director at University of Cincinnati’s advanced training program in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, will help you avoid the pitfalls and take home the pearls for the oral surgeries you do in your office.

Modern Kids Endodontics...Dr. Justin Raybould will teach you the latest techniques to be more efficient in endodontics with the pediatric patient.

“The Boomers are coming…Are You ready? – Pearls and Principles for Effective Senior Adult Patient Care” First up, Dr. William Michael Mansfield – Understanding Older Adult Patients, the Oral/Systemic Connection and Effective Preventive Therapies for Senior Adults - This session will explore senior adult demographics, frailty and the physiology of aging. In addition, various connections that exist between oral health and systemic health will be discussed. Finally, proven preventive dental therapies and products that are available to help senior adults and their caregivers achieve and maintain good oral health will be highlighted.

Next up, Dr. Gustavo Oliveira – Effective Glass Ionomer Utilization in Older Adults - How should I use Glass Ionomers? Which placement techniques work best? Should I add Glass Ionomer Cements to my restorative material armamentarium? What are the best Glass Ionomer materials out there? Should I use what my rep is suggesting? This lecture will discuss a variety of aspects of Glass Ionomer Restorative materials that are part of our daily restorative practice. The latest and best available evidence out there regarding Glass Ionomer materials and techniques will be presented to help your team formulate, together with the patient, the best clinical decisions for various scenarios.

Finally, Dr. Demetra Antimisiaris – Polypharmacy: The Silent Syndrome - The impact of medication misadventure on the lives of our seniors and their caregivers is substantial yet often goes unrecognized. Typically older adults live with polypharmacy to manage multiple chronic disease states and geriatric syndromes such as dizziness, incontinence and cognitive impairment. This session will help participants develop skills that facilitate identification of and management approaches to medication related problems in older adults.

Dependable Sunday!
Sunday will bring our staple courses, “Basic Life Support-BLS Healthcare Provider Training” and Dr. George Kushner’s “Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office”.

In addition, Patty Byrd will present, “Recognizing Drug Abuse in Dental Patients and KASPER Update 2016”. Drug abuse is a major health problem in America and impacts every dental practice as well as our families. Dental professionals can play a huge role in drug abuse identification, prevention and intervention. Emphasis will be placed on increasing your skills and abilities to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug abuse, refer suspected drug abusers for help and treat recovering patients in your practice. This course satisfies the KBOD’s HB 1 KASPER requirement.

2016 Meeting Details: The Meat and Potatoes…

On-Site Registration
Located in the main lobby of the Kentucky International Convention Center, the registration desk is conveniently open during the following hours:

Friday, March 4, 2016 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday, March 5, 2016 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

There Will Be No Registration on Sunday, March 6, 2016

Please note that all continuing education courses scheduled for Sunday will be held in the Hyatt Hotel.
Tickets will be sold at the door for Sunday courses based on availability.
As a member benefit, registration is free of charge to KDA members.

Registration is also free to the following groups:

American Dental Association members
(Proof of ADA membership is required upon registration)

Spouses who are not dentists
Auxiliary members of the following groups:
Kentucky Dental Hygienists Association
Kentucky Dental Assistants Association
Kentucky Dental Laboratory Association
Auxiliary members who are employed by a member of the ADA

Non-Members Can Attend for Only $199.00!
Non-Members can register for the 2016 Kentucky Meeting for $199.00. With this fee, attendees will receive one complimentary ticket to any ONE HOUR continuing education course presented in the exhibit hall on Friday, March 4th. This fee also allows entry into the exhibit hall.

Exhibit Hall Hours
Friday, March 4, 2016
9:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Saturday, March 5, 2016
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Closed Sunday

Support Our Exhibitors
Our exhibitors invest extensive resources to attend our meeting. We ask that an extra effort be made to purchase needed supplies and services from them at the meeting!

Register Early And Save
All course fees increase $10 (per ticket) after February 19th. Tickets will be sold based on availability.

Use the registration form from your Preliminary Program Guide, which will be available in early January. The form may be copied. List all staff members, spouses, etc. on the doctor’s form. Select CE courses or special event tickets. Complete form in its entirety and mail to the Kentucky Dental Association office by February 20th. Forms postmarked after February 19th will be returned. Forms that are not legible will also be returned. Registrations are processed in the order received. Fees are payable to the Kentucky Dental Association in U.S. funds by check, money order, MasterCard or Visa. Credit card users must supply a new credit card number within 24-hours of denial notification or ordered tickets will be returned to inventory. Fees will be assessed, up to the maximum allowed by law, for checks not honored by the bank. Tickets will not be held. You may also register on-line at www.kyda.org.

Registration Materials
Badges and tickets are mailed to those who pre-register prior to the meeting. Registration materials will be mailed to those who pre-register around the first of February, 2016. It is the responsibility of the attendees to bring all necessary items with them to the meeting. Obtain a plastic badge holder, on-site meeting program and a room assignment list at the registration desk during registration hours. Also, please remember to check the KDA website at https://www.kyda.org/the-kentucky-meeting.html to see if the course you are attending has a handout.

Ticketing Policy
All attendees who pre-register for the 2016 meeting will have their badge and/or tickets mailed in advance of the meeting. You do not have to purchase tickets in order to pre-register for the meeting. All tickets and badges will be mailed to the address indicated on the order form. Please Note That Plastic Badge Holders Will Not Be Mailed And Will Need To Be Picked Up On-Site. Completed forms must be postmarked by February 19, 2016.

Tickets may be purchased by MasterCard, Visa, check or money order. Fees will be assessed, up to the maximum allowed by law, for checks not honored by the bank. Tickets will be sold at the meeting depending on availability. There will be a $10 per ticket increase if purchased at the door.

Ticket payment will not be refunded after 5:00 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, March 1, 2016.
Please Note: The KDA Will Not Replace Lost Tickets

Handouts Are Now Paperless
In an effort to minimize paper waste and benefit the environment, course handouts will be made available on the KDA’s website at https://www.kyda.org/the-kentucky-meeting.html (Please note that some speakers have chosen not to provide handouts.) These materials are not printed for distribution on-site. If you wish to have these materials to reference during the course, please bring a printed copy with you. These will be posted beginning in February.

Room Capacity
All rooms are set to maximum seating capacity. Space in limited attendance courses is restricted by the speaker to insure quality instruction. Please note that room space dictates the number of tickets available and courses could sell out before the meeting begins. Pre-registration does not guarantee a ticket.

Refund Policy
Refund Deadline: March 1, 2016. Send written request for refund with badges and tickets to the Kentucky Dental Association, Attn: Todd Edwards, 1920 Nelson Miller Parkway, Louisville, KY 40223. No refunds will be given after the stated deadline regardless of the reason. Refunds are processed after the close of the meeting.

Lost Tickets
Lost tickets are replaced at the original cost based on availability.

Classroom Etiquette
Please remember to “silence” your cell phones while seated in classrooms. Please step outside to receive/conduct phone calls so you do not disturb other attendees.

Continuing Education Credits
Continuing education courses provided by the Kentucky Dental Association are recognized by the Kentucky Board of Dentistry and most other state licensing bodies. Continuing education requirements differ from state to state. Check with your state for specific requirements. Continuing education credit hours are shown on each synopsis.

Board of Dentistry: Continuing education credit hours are earned by attending courses presented at the meeting. Each course synopsis and course ticket lists the hours earned for attending. Members will be provided with a ticket allowing entry to each course as well as proof of attendance. The course ID # given at the end of the course must be recorded on the ticket for it to be valid for CE credit.

Note: It is the attendees’ responsibility to maintain these cards for their records.

Academy of General Dentistry: The Kentucky Dental Association is designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs of this program provider are accepted by AGD for Fellowship, Mastership and membership maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry. The current term of approval extends from 1/1/2014 to 12/31/2016.

Non-Solicitation Policy
All speakers are contracted by the Kentucky Dental Association. Utilization of said speakers by other persons or groups will not be permitted unless approved prior to the meeting by the Council on Annual Session.

Non-Solicitation Policy
With the exception of exhibitors operating with designated booth spaces, no attendee may solicit business on the exhibit floor or in any other Kentucky Dental Association convention space. Violation of this policy will result in expulsion from the meeting.

The Kentucky Dental Association does not promote any products that may be recommended by speakers, nor do the speaker’s views necessarily represent those of the Kentucky Dental Association.





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Jun 26th, 2017The Road to French Lick
Jun 1st, 2017KDA Board Selects Bowman Insurance Agency to Service Association Health Insurance Plan
Jun 1st, 2017Are you interested in serving as a KDA Delegate or Alternate Delegate?
Apr 24th, 2017A Memorable Legislative Day
Apr 24th, 2017The Daunting Task of Changing Someone Elses Bad Habits
Apr 24th, 2017And The Winner Is
Apr 24th, 2017Reflections on our 2017 KDA Legislative Day
Apr 3rd, 2017Take advantage of great Q2 price reductions!
Feb 16th, 2017Still Much to Do and Many Changes on the Horizon
Feb 16th, 2017Celebrate the Best in Everyone!
Feb 16th, 2017A Look Ahead
Feb 16th, 2017KDA Editor Wins Prestigious William J Gies Award Editorial Award
Feb 16th, 2017Trends in Dentistrythe More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same
Feb 2nd, 2017Association Glove Program: 2017 First Quarter Specials
Dec 20th, 2016Membership is the Key to Our Future and the Responsibility of All: Our Own Members are Our Best Recruitment Tool
Dec 20th, 2016I Used To Be a Libra
Dec 20th, 2016Political Slogans and Other Words to Live By
Dec 20th, 2016Whats in Your Water?!
Oct 24th, 2016Happy Trails from the Mountains of Eastern Kentucky
Oct 24th, 2016Our KDA Foundation is Small, but We CAN Make a Difference
Oct 24th, 2016You Cant Always Get What You Want
Oct 24th, 2016Kentucky Dental Foundation Board Members Work to Establish Goals and Priorities to Ensure a Bright Future
Oct 10th, 2016October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Simple Steps Women Can Take to Reduce the Odds of Developing Breast Cancer
Sep 12th, 2016Does Frankfort Need a Better Understanding of our Medicaid Population?
Sep 12th, 2016Lets Move!
Sep 12th, 2016Bonus Points May Not Be Enough
Sep 12th, 2016Understanding the Aging Phenomenon/The Aging Tsunami: Demographic Imperative
Sep 12th, 2016Aging and Frailty Basics
Sep 12th, 2016Polypharmacy: A Geriatric Syndrome with Serious Implications for Oral Health
Jun 14th, 2016Half Way through 2016 and Still a year to Go...
Jun 14th, 2016What Can I Tell You?
Jun 14th, 2016Pigs in Space
Jun 14th, 2016Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers
Apr 15th, 2016Dentistry is Our Life's Work - Be passionate!
Apr 15th, 2016A Grateful Heart
Apr 15th, 2016Love Never Fails
Apr 15th, 2016Survivor Stories: How to Endure the Rank of New Dentist and Live to tell about it
Feb 12th, 2016Be PROACTIVE and Rededicate Yourself to Membership in our Tripartite Organization
Feb 12th, 2016My New Years Resolution
Feb 12th, 2016# the future is not what it used to be
Feb 12th, 2016NOW is the time to belong to the KDA!
Dec 28th, 2015You Can Keep Our Momentum Moving Forward
Dec 28th, 2015Meet the Bevins
Dec 28th, 2015Measuring the Burdon of Ethics
Dec 28th, 2015Downtown Fun. If You Dont Believe Us, Come See!
Dec 28th, 2015Highlights of the 2015 ADA House of Delegates
Nov 23rd, 2015Delta Dental of Kentucky Hints at a Large Statewide Project in the Works for 2016 at the Kentucky Oral Health Summit
Oct 27th, 2015Scary Good Web Design Tips From Officite
Oct 15th, 2015Medicaid Work Group Update
Oct 15th, 2015Just the Facts: Kentucky Meeting Changes Create Confusion
Oct 15th, 2015Our New Mission will require the Efforts of All
Oct 15th, 2015Oral Health Literacy as a Primary Goal and Not an Afterthought
Oct 15th, 2015Still Crazy after Just One Year
Oct 15th, 2015Womens Forum Enjoys Perfect Weather, Perfect Setting and Engaging Dialogue!
Aug 14th, 2015Calling ALL Members and Non-Members: We Need Organized Dentistry!
Aug 14th, 2015Can You Hear Me, Now?
Aug 14th, 2015First, Do No Harm?
Aug 14th, 2015A Plan for Our Future, and a New Mission StatementHelping Member Dentists Succeed and Serve
Jun 23rd, 2015Our new KDA Mission: Helping Member Dentists Succeed and Serve
Jun 23rd, 2015Weve got a Plan!
Jun 23rd, 2015Irrelevance
Jun 23rd, 2015My Introduction: A Smidge of Trepidation, Overwhelmingly Full of Pride and Anticipation
Jun 23rd, 2015Part II: The KDAs Dental Access Summit A Report
Jun 18th, 2015Medicare Part D: Q&A - American Dental Association - May 29, 2015
Apr 28th, 2015Thank You for the Opportunity
Apr 28th, 2015Ask not What Your KDA Can Do for you
Apr 28th, 2015The View from No Mans Land
Apr 28th, 2015KDAS Dental Access Summit Saturday, January 31, 2015 Report to KDA Part I
Feb 20th, 2015Think Big!
Feb 20th, 2015Its all about the membership in 2015!
Feb 20th, 2015For the Record
Feb 20th, 2015Into the Belly of the Beast
Dec 29th, 2014Things are Moving Faster than Fast!
Dec 29th, 2014Who Wouldnt Want to Be a Part of This?
Dec 29th, 2014When Is the Right Time?
Oct 24th, 2014Dental Insurance Direct Deposit Through A Virtual Credit Card; What Does It Cost Me?
Oct 21st, 2014Who Can I Hire for $100 a Month?
Oct 21st, 2014Last Call
Oct 21st, 2014Im here to Help
Oct 21st, 2014Get passionate! This is Our Profession!
Oct 21st, 2014Postscript for an Editors Passing
Oct 21st, 2014and he did what?!: Giving a Professional Second Opinion
Aug 21st, 2014Your KDA is Working Hard for You!
Aug 21st, 2014Nobody Goes Into Dentistry Because They Love Molars!
Aug 21st, 2014Synergy
Jun 16th, 2014Think Big. Think Positively. Think Proactively.
Jun 16th, 2014Denigration
Jun 16th, 2014YOU HAD TO BE THERE!
Jun 16th, 2014New Friendships and Lasting Connections Creating a Stronger Interest in Organized Dentistry
Jun 16th, 2014New Friendships and Lasting Connections Creating a Stronger Interest in Organized Dentistry
Apr 24th, 2014I Only Have A Loose Screw!
Apr 24th, 2014Dare to Dream!
Apr 24th, 2014I am the KDA! You are the KDA! WE are the KDA!
Apr 24th, 2014The Dentists Guide to Social Media Marketing
Feb 20th, 2014Where Do We Go From Here?
Feb 20th, 2014Medicaid: An Example of Missing the Goals for Oral Health in Kentucky
Feb 20th, 2014UKCDs First Regional Dental Program: The First Ten Years
Feb 20th, 2014UofL Brightening the Smiles of Children
Feb 20th, 2014Go Tell It on the Mountains
Dec 23rd, 2013Letting the Secret Out
Dec 23rd, 2013It Is What They Left Behind
Dec 23rd, 2013Dr. John Thompson Awarded Distinguished Editor Award
Dec 23rd, 2013Teamwork Creates Champions: the Kentucky Meeting: March 13-16, 2014
Dec 23rd, 2013Listen to Interviews with our Speakers!
Dec 23rd, 2013Welcome Dental Students and New Dentists!
Dec 23rd, 20132014 Kentucky Meeting Details
Oct 17th, 2013I Still Like Maps!
Oct 17th, 2013Ground Game
Oct 17th, 2013Kentucky Department of Insurance, HB 497 and Non-covered Services
Oct 17th, 2013Dr. Janet Faraci Lees Legacy
Oct 17th, 2013Dr. Janet Faraci Lee Leadership Development Award
Aug 12th, 2013The Affordable Care Act: What does it mean for Our Members?
Aug 12th, 2013All Membership Is Local
Aug 12th, 2013White Crosses
Aug 12th, 2013KDA MembershipWhere Do We Go from Here?
Aug 12th, 2013Thoughts from a New Dentist: the Top Three Reasons that I am Involved with Organized Dentistry
Aug 12th, 2013How can KDAIS Benefit You, as a KDA member?
Aug 12th, 2013Beyond the Website: Marketing on the Modern Web
Aug 12th, 2013Delinquent Accounts.Collections..YUCK!
Aug 12th, 2013Every Patient Matters. So Does Every Transaction.
Jun 13th, 2013Preaching to the Choir
Jun 13th, 2013Something I Wish I Didn't Know!
Jun 13th, 2013The Foundation of the Kentucky Dental Association: Positioned to Make a Powerful Statement
Apr 15th, 2013Participate in Your KDPAC! Contribute and Deliver
Apr 15th, 2013The Pediatric Dental Benefit: Must Offer, May Purchase
Apr 15th, 2013Exchange What?
Apr 15th, 2013So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu
Apr 15th, 2013United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Feb 12th, 2013Its a Dentist Thing
Feb 12th, 2013A Profession in Flux
Feb 12th, 2013Living Is What You Do When Life Gets In the Way
Feb 12th, 2013The Tip of the Iceberg: Actions by the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services Which May Sink KMAP
Oct 19th, 2012Membership Matters
Oct 19th, 2012House Bill 1 and What It Means to You
Oct 19th, 2012Self-Regulation
Aug 21st, 2012The Perception of Dentistry
Aug 21st, 2012Sarrell Dental: Beyond the Operatory
Jun 18th, 2012Leadership or Politics?
Jun 18th, 2012What Part of the “Affordable Care Act” Has Been Affordable?
Jun 18th, 2012I Had an Uncle…
Apr 6th, 2012Many Thanks for a Great and Memorable Year
Apr 6th, 2012What a Year, so far!
Apr 6th, 2012The "New Old" Still have Teeth
Feb 21st, 2012Happy New Normal
Feb 21st, 2012All for One and One for All!
Dec 19th, 2011Access to Care?
Dec 19th, 2011The Wide World of Sports
Oct 28th, 2011Report of the Sixth District Trustee
Oct 28th, 2011To the KDA Executive Board and the entire KDA
Oct 18th, 2011Word-of-Mouth on Steroids!
Oct 18th, 2011Managed Care and Dentistry in Kentucky: a Dentist’s Dilemma
Oct 18th, 2011Why We Shouldn't Lose Sight of Our Purpose...
Aug 4th, 2011Mentor a Young Dentist and Change a Life
Aug 4th, 2011OMG, what is EBD?
Aug 4th, 2011CAPWIZ: Legislative Advocacy Made Easy
Jun 13th, 2011I Might Soon Be Coming to a Town Near You...
Jun 13th, 2011Outside Our Line
Apr 18th, 2011Let Me Ask For a Minute of Your Time
Apr 18th, 2011I Pledge to Be your Humble Servant…
Apr 18th, 2011Blindsided
Apr 18th, 2011On Your Side, Not Your List
Feb 17th, 2011Dr. Andy Elliott for President-elect of the American Dental Association
Feb 4th, 2011A Little Planning Really Helps
Feb 4th, 2011Adjusting Attitudes
Jan 4th, 2011Dental Management of Patients Taking Antiplatelet Medications
Nov 30th, 2010Holiday Greetings to All
Nov 30th, 2010Delegates Report from the 2010 American Dental Association House of Delegates, Orlando, Florida
Nov 30th, 2010Dental Education Found Worthy
Oct 25th, 2010Delegates Report from the 2010 American Dental Association House of Delegates, Orlando, Florida
Oct 7th, 2010What Happens in Alaska, doesn’t Stay in Alaska
Oct 7th, 2010We Need To Do a Better Job of Communicating
Oct 7th, 2010What If …?
Oct 7th, 2010I’m in a Hurry!
Oct 7th, 2010Who Will Speak for Me?
Aug 6th, 2010The Times They Are Changing
Aug 6th, 2010Kentucky's Dental Practice Act: The Passing of an Old Friend
Jun 10th, 2010How a Star was Born
Jun 10th, 2010I Need Your Help…
Apr 20th, 2010KDA and Louisville Water Company Share 150th Birthday and Public Health Vision
Apr 20th, 2010President's Message MA 2010
Apr 20th, 2010Getting It Right!
Feb 25th, 2010What is a Legacy?
Feb 25th, 2010Please Join Us for an Exciting, Event-Filled Year Ahead!
Dec 14th, 2009Holiday Reflections…
Dec 14th, 2009Challenging the Myth of the Suicide-Prone Dentist
Dec 14th, 2009There is Hope: Suicide Awareness and Prevention in Kentucky
Nov 6th, 2009Don’t Balance Health Care Books by Shortchanging Physicians
Nov 6th, 2009Break your Right Arm and Suddenly You have Time to Study Economics.
Jun 26th, 2009Making the World a Better Place, One Village at a Time!
Apr 13th, 2009Breaking Glass
Feb 20th, 2009At the Heart of any Worthy Project is a Committed Volunteer