For Pre-Dental Students

You do not have to be a dentist yet to get involved in organized dentistry!

The benefits listed below are for members of the American Student Dental Association: an organization that is made just for students!

Pre-dental Members

Join the ASDA for $71/year to gain these benefits:

  • Knowledge and tips that will provide guidance for taking the DAT, writing a personal statement, ADEA AADSAS, interviewing, and selecting a school.
  • Crack the DAT, Memorang, and Chad's Videos discounts to help you prepare for the DAT and save money.
  • Collaborative experiences at local and national events with pre-dentals, dental students, and dentists.
  • National leadership positions that help improve communication and leadership skills
  • Receive a FREE copy of Getting into Dental School – American Student Dental Association’s Guide for Pre-Dental Students, that details every dental school’s matriculate statistics and admission requirements. 
  • Subscription to both “The Polished Pre-Dental”, an e-newsletter designed for pre-dental students, and to the American Student Dental Association’s award-winning journals that explain issues facing dentistry and how to ace interviews.

Financial Benefits and Savings for ASDA Members!

To learn more and view the most current membership benefits, visit the ASDA website.

The KDA and ASDA are separate organizations that each have their own member benefits, although ASDA members automatically become student members of the American Dental Association. Upon becoming a dentist, you will transition out of the ASDA into your state dental association.