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Throughout February, KDA will be hosting a series of advocacy days. Our KDA Advocacy Days may be different from our legislative day in Frankfort over the last six years. Some of us might miss spending the day out of the office. Others may miss those big cookies at the end of our lunch buffet line. (Remember buffets?) What we will still offer this year is education, information and training on policymaking and advocacy. Of course, we will be discussing legislation and the legislative process. We will also provide new opportunities to connect with your legislator and hear from key legislative leaders.

With all the Zoom training we’ve had these last ten months, we may have found a way to better engage more members in advocating on behalf of themselves and the dental profession.

We hope this virtual environment will allow KDA members to:


BE ENGAGED! Course #Leg1

Wednesday, Feb. 10th 12:00-1:00 PM  EST

See your KDA leaders and lobbyists conduct a LIVE interactive session on organized dentistry.

(Your Profession… If You Can Keep It – 1.0 CE)

Panel: Drs. Darren Greenwell, Jonathan Rich, Garth Bobrowski, Fred Howard, Beverly Largent and Ms. Libby Milligan


BE AWARE! Course #Leg2

Friday, Feb. 12th 12:00-12:30 PM  EST

Watch pre-recorded Q&A from legislative leaders with analysis by KDA leaders and lobbyists.

Panel: Drs. Darren Greenwell, Garth Bobrowski and Ms. Libby Milligan


BE INFORMED! Course #Leg3

Wednesday, Feb. 17th 12:00-12:40 PM  EST

Hear the important legislative issues and priorities your KDA is advocating for on your behalf.

Panel: Drs. Darren Greenwell, Garth Bobrowski and Ms. Libby Milligan


BE IN TOUCH! Course #Leg4

Cancelled for this Friday!

Because of inclement weather, BE IN TOUCH - CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS DAY has been rescheduled for next Friday, February 26th to be held in conjunction with Session #6 - BE HEARD!


BE UP TO DATE!  Course #Leg5

Wednesday Feb. 24th 12:00-12:30 PM  EST

Listen to a KDA members-only COVID-19 update from the KY Public Health Commissioner. 

Do you have a question for Dr. Steve Stack, Kentucky's Public Health Commissioner? 

Participants may ask questions by emailing Rick Whitehouse prior to the course or by entering questions into the chat box during the session.

Guest: Dr. Steve Stack, KY Public Health Commissioner



(Advocacy 101 – 1.0 CE)

Course # LEG6...Sign up now!

All Sessions are FREE!

Friday, Feb. 26th - Noon-1:00 PM  EST

Learn in a LIVE interactive session how you can be a KDA key contact for your legislators.

Panel: Drs. Darren GreenwellGarth Bobrowski,Fred Howardand Ms. Libby Milligan


Before or after our Zoom meeting, we want you to call your legislators.

Here's How:

  • Familiarize yourself with our Legislative Priorities.
  • Find YOUR Legislator
  • Call your legislator and introduce yourself.
  • Offer to share 2021 KDA legislative priorities list.
  • Choose a priority from that list that speaks to you and make it speak to them.
  • Invite them to visit your practice.
  • Encourage them to contact you as a resource on oral health issues.
  • Let KDA Executive Director Rick Whitehouse know how it went.




Active representation in the Kentucky State Legislature on issues relating to dentistry will preserve your professional status and allow your voice to be heard regarding positions on legislative and regulatory issues. Legislative Alerts from the KDA office keep members informed of new actions affecting dentistry at your state Capitol.