Automatic Dues Renewal

ADA Requirements for Recurring Payment Option

To help members conveniently pay dues, states dental associations on Aptify may implement a recurring payment procedure as an optional benefit. The KDA wishes to ensure that the recurring payment option complies with the requirements below and any applicable laws, such as state-specific consumer protection laws.

Before you enter membership payment information and complete the order, you will see on your screen in a clear, conspicuous and understandable way:

i. the material terms and conditions of the transaction
ii. the recurring nature of the transaction
iii. whether any donation or contribution will also recur
iv. the dollar amounts and payment intervals
v. the cancellation policy
vi. any service fee or processing fee that will apply
vii. a simple mechanism for the individual to stop the charges
viii. an explanation that stopping recurring payments does not cancel membership
ix. how to make and change decisions concerning any optional contributions, such as to political action committees (PACs) and donations  to charitable foundations


By checking the provided box, you are providing an electronic signature to authorize the account to be debited or charged in accordance with the transaction terms and conditions.

You will be required to indicate your express authorization by checking the provided box before the transaction can be completed.

In addition, you will be required to click “I agree” to authorize the transaction.

The provided box should be checked before the link/button to pay dues is activated.