KDA Specialty License Plate

Support your Foundation with a KDA Specialty License Plate

An Easy Way to Support your KDA Foundation
Vehicle Tags Support Community Dental Health Service Projects across Kentucky

You Can Personalize your License Plate!

In 2005, friends of dentistry asked the KDA Foundation to design a new specialty license plate with the intention of using the funds generated to support dental-related community service projects in Kentucky. It took two years, but we did it and by the end of 2007, our new specialty license plate was ready. These license plates are now available in Kentucky, which support “A Lifetime of Oral Health”. The plates have a bright blue background and feature colorful, happy faces to represent various age and ethnic groups. The slogan “A Lifetime of Oral Health” contains a message to which we all can aspire.

The plates are available at county clerk’s offices throughout the state, will cost $44 each, and the renewal fee will be $31. Out of these fees, ten dollars of each license plate sale and each license registration renewal will be donated to the Kentucky Dental Foundation. Each ten dollar donation is tax-deductible. All funding generated through the sale of these license tags will help pay for community dental health service projects throughout the state of Kentucky.

This is an easy way to support your KDA Foundation and community health projects that will benefit dentistry at the same time.

You DO NOT have to be a member of the KDA to purchase these plates.


Ten dollars from the original purchase and then from each year’s renewal goes to the KDA Foundation.

Click here for more information regarding the new specialty license plates, contact your local county clerk’s office.