For Dental Students


Dental Students! 

ADA-sponsored insurance is provided at no cost to eligible ASDA and ADA student members.


ADA-sponsored student members life and disability insurance gives you fundamental financial protection while you’re in school that can continue long after graduation.

Your ADA student member benefit includes:

Life Insurance:$50,000 of coverage in the ADA-sponsored Student Members Term Life Plan. Life insurance provides debt protection for your student loans and other financial obligations and it can serve as loan collateral when you purchase a practice.

Disability Insurance:$2,000/month of coverage in the ADA-sponsored Student Members Disability Plan plus up to $150,000 in student loan protection. Disability insurance protects the investment you're making in your dental career by providing a source of monthly income if an illness, injury, or accident prevents you from completing dental school.

Beginning in 2014, eligible ASDA and ADA student members who are not already insured will be enrolled in the no-cost ADA-sponsored Student Members Life and Disability Insurance Plans. For important additional information, including auto-enrollment details and the option to decline coverage, click here.

Act Today To Prepare For Tomorrow

Dental school is all about preparing for your future. When you have ADA-sponsored insurance as a student, you have the built-in ability to keep your insurance after school so you’ll have ready-made financial back-up when you start repaying student loans, apply for practice financing, start a family, or pursue other dreams. As soon as you’re insured, create your login to register your insurance account online. Then, anytime you move or change your contact information, update that information in your account. If you’re already insured and haven’t yet created your login to register your account, please create a login now.

Since 1934, practicing dentists have relied on the ADA-sponsored insurance plans to protect the lives and practices they’ve built. More than 100,000 ADA member dentists, student members and family members get insurance through the ADA plans; you can join that elite group now even before you are a licensed dentist and benefit from that protection now and long into the future.

For students entering dental practice in Kentucky, Kentucky Dental Association Insurance Services (KDAIS) offers every type of insurance you can possibly need! Go to: for more information or to get an insurance quote.



Annual Session 

Save the date for next year's event: March 2-5, 2016 in Dallas, Texas. Registration will open this fall.