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Did you know that because of poor oral health, hundreds, maybe thousands, of our school children are in enough pain on a daily basis that they cannot think of anything else?

With a good, well-placed oral health education program like SmileKentucky!, we can prevent much of this suffering for our children and for all of our citizens.

As we all know in dentistry, prevention (and education) are key.

Our KDA foundation recently reaffirmed our goal to improve the oral health of Kentucky citizens, adopting education as our priority issue. We will continue to utilize the oral health literacy component of SmileKentucky!, both to reach school age kids statewide and to possibly develop a senior component of this program to train staff in nursing homes to provide basic oral health care to residents.

Already, health educators, dentists and hygienists in at least 50 Kentucky counties use these hands-on educational tools to help children and adults learn about good nutrition and proper oral hygiene habits. Since 2010, the Kentucky Dental Foundation, through its statewide dental education program, has distributed almost 50,000 children’s booklets, over 15,000 soda pop
education brochures and 72 education kits to individuals and organizations across Kentucky.

The foundation is developing the framework to launch a new state-wide effort revolving around oral health education with the Smile Kentucky! Education Initiative.

By giving, now, to your Kentucky Dental Foundation, you can help improve the lives of so many in your own community. EVERYONE knows someone who can benefit.
Here are the ways you can make a donation to your Foundation:

  • Members may make a donation through the KDA Website
  • Contact Todd Edwards at or Melissa Nathanson at
  • Call us at 1-800-292-1855 or 502-489-9121
  • Mail your charitable donation check made out to Kentucky Dental Foundation to...


Kentucky Dental Foundation Mission

The Kentucky Dental Foundation, Inc. promotes professional and public programs which enhance oral health and ultimately the total health of Kentuckians.


Develop, magnify and manage a fund which will maximize professional and public programs that enhance oral health in Kentucky.


Support the mission and vision of the Kentucky Dental Foundation through:

  • Education
  • Scholarships
  • Research
  • Oral Health Programs
  • Other organizations with similar goals


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