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Shofu Dental Corporation

1225 Stone Drive

San Marcos, CA 92078

BOOTH # 34


For nearly 100 years Shofu has been a leading manufacturer of highly acclaimed dental and laboratory supplies enjoyed by dentists, hygienists, and laboratory technicians around the world.  A premier provider of minimally invasive cosmetic solutions. Shofu is home to some of the most innovative, award-winning products in dentistry. Products such as the EyeSpecial digital dental camera, the bioactive and therapeutic "Beautifil" line of Giomer restoratives, and our industry standard abrasives & polishers. Shofu strives to meet patient needs through innovative products that exceed the demands of today’s dental professionals.

For questions on Shofu products and materials or to place an order please call your local Shofu Territory Manager:

James Eggert


Email Jeggert@shofu.com

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