Speaker Interviews


Dr. David Ahearn - “Grow or Die – Explore How to Triumph Over Current Economic Conditions and Grow Your Practice Significantly” and “THIS CAN ALL BE EASIER: A Dozen Projects That Will Make Your Office a Fun, Easy and Productive Place to Work!”

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Lois Banta - “Insurance Strategies That Work”

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Lois Banta - “Dealing with Difficult Patients or…How to Turn Lemons into Lemonade”

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Dr. David Clark - “Better, Faster, Prettier – The Art of Composite” and "Better, Faster, Prettier-Taking Composite to the Extreme!"

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Dr. Carla Cohn - “Practical Pediatric Dentistry for the General Practitioner and Their Assistants” and “They’re Never Too Young….Preventive and Behavior Guidance for the Children in Your Practice”

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Jennifer de St. Georges - “Practical Solutions to Solve Today's Major Scheduling Issues”

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Jennifer de St. Georges - “The Marriage of Marketing and Management…the 7 Essential Steps to Build Patient Relationships and Increase Patient Retention by Elevating Your Management and Communication Skills”

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Dr. Paul Feuerstein - “New Vistas in Dental Technology – Is It Time to Retire Your Explorer?” and “Update on Digital Impressions, CAD/CAM Conebeam and Treatment Planning”

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Matt Glassgold - “How to Best Use Your Digital Dental Camera”

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Matt Glassgold - “How to Choose the Right Digital Dental Camera for Your Practice”

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Eva Grayzel - “Reset Mindsets Through Story: Educate, Engage and Persuade”

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Eva Grayzel - “Tongue-Tied: A Story NOT Silenced by Oral Cancer”

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Dr. Robert Harris, Jr. - “Ozone for Dentistry” – Discover the Natural Healing Ability of Oxygen/Ozone

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Dr. Allen Honigman Allen Honigman - “The LANAP® Protocol: A Paradigm Shift in the Treatment of Periodontal Disease”

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Dr. Allen Honigman Allen Honigman - “The LAPIP® Protocol: You CAN Save a Failing Implant”

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Dr. Ron Kaminer - “The Program”: Minimally Invasive Dentistry as it Relates to all Specialties” and “21st Century Minimally Invasive Dental Hygiene: Tips and Tricks for Maximum Production”

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Doug Lambert - “Play Ball” – Hands-On Fabrication of Custom Athletic Mouthguards

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Doug Lambert - “Bad Bounces and Broken Teeth” – The Sports Dentistry Side of Your Practice

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Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz - “The Dento-Facial Esthetic Diagnosis System…How to Achieve Consistently Beautiful Smiles, not just Beautiful Teeth! A Team Driven Approach!”

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Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz - “NOT a Full Mouth Rehabilitation – Treating the Full Mouth Case with Much Less Than a Full Mouth…Opening VDO Using Direct Composite, Adhesive Dentistry and Limited Implants & RPD”

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Dr. Larry Schoonover - “Introduction to Mini Dental Implants – Hands-On”

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Dr. Randy Shoup - “From Sealants to Composites to Onlays: Everything You Need to Place PERFECT Restorations”

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Dr. Jorge Vera - “The Essentials of Endodontics: Understand & Utilize Concepts Based on Evidence to Maximize Your Clinical Success”

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Dr. Lawrence Wallace - “Quality Dentures in One Hour – A Breakthrough Technique: Introduction”

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Dr. Mollie Winston - “Complex Implant Treatments: The Agony and Ecstasy”

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Rita Zamora - “Social Media 101”

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