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Impladent Ltd

8690 188th Street

Jamaica, NY 11423



Impladent Ltd. develops and markets a broad range of innovative and affordable regenerative materials, including bone graft products and resorbable membranes.

For over 35 years, Impladent Ltd. has been recognized as a leader in the innovation and development of synthetic resorbable bone grafts. In 1985, Impladent Ltd. introduced OsteoGen® Synthetic Bioactive Resorbable Graft (SBRG) used for bone augmentation and repair of alveolar defects. OsteoGen® Non-Ceramic Crystals are physiochemically and crystallographically equivalent to human trabecular bone making this product a pure alloplast.

More recently, Impladent Ltd. introduced the OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plugs, the one step solution for socket preservation without the need for a membrane. The OsteoGen® Plug combines our OsteoGen® bone graft with a bovine achilles tendon carrier to yield the easiest and most affordable way to graft your extraction sites.

Impladent Ltd. is committed to developing regenerative products that meet the needs and interests of the doctor, while having the safety and comfort of the patient in mind.

Zachary Adler

Trade Show Coordinator


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