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Take advantage of group medical insurance available to members and their staff. KDA-endorsed liability, property, life, disability, and overhead insurance plans are also available. Many of these products are available through KDAIS, the KDA’s own insurance services company. Contact Kim Logan at Nelson Insurance Company at 1-866-365-1104 or 502-736-7000. For more information, please visit the KDAIS website



The Kentucky Department of Insurance and the ACA have required Anthem to send letters that sound like cancellation letters, but use the word “discontinuance”. THESE ARE BEING SENT TO ALL GROUPS PRIOR TO RENEWAL!

Your current KDA Group benefit REMAINS IN EFFECT until the renewal date of July 1st 2014. At that time you will be offered a new plan that is in conformity with the requirements of the ACA (aka OBAMACARE). The KDA renewal information will be available the LAST WEEK OF MAY just as it has in the past.

At that time you will receive renewal options and rates that are specific for your office plan. One of the letters you received has this important sentence which reads, “YOU CAN CHOOSE TO MODIFY YOUR CURRENT PLAN TO INCLUDE THE ACA COMPLIANT FEATURES.” Some of the enhanced features will be an increased benefit to your current package.

We have gone to great lengths to get the KDA positioned to be a fully operating and “bona fide” association in order to maximize benefits for our members. The bottom line is that NO ONE IS CANCELLING YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE, but it is being modified to comply with the new requirements of the ACA.

I hope this helps you have a better day,

John A. Thompson, DMD, Editor and Interim Executive Director

04/01/2014 and no this is NOT an April Fools Message:


New Dentist

After you graduate, selecting a professional liability insurance program is very important. Learn more about the Professional Protector Plan for Dentists (PDF).

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